Setting realistic skin goals

Everyday, the internet keeps making us believe in things which are far away from the reality and we keep falling for it. The uses and importance of social media are endless but so are the lies that it feeds us on a daily basis. Real skin is not supposed to look flawless – the definitionContinue reading “Setting realistic skin goals”

Productivity amidst a pandemic

It’s been one whole year of most of us trying our best to cope with a pandemic and protect us and others from the circumstances that we have created. This year has been tough, this year has taught me a couple of things. I’ve harboured dreams that I’ve never had the courage to and IContinue reading “Productivity amidst a pandemic”

Skincare Basics – Part 3: Sunscreens

Sunscreen is proven to reduce ta risks of skin cancer as it protects skin from the harmful UV rays that we always hear about. Damage from UV rays can lead to not only skin cancer but also skin damage – from long term premature aging to short term skin tanning and burns. Sunscreen is theContinue reading “Skincare Basics – Part 3: Sunscreens”

Skincare Basics – Part 2: Moisturisers

Professionals can’t stress enough about how important it is to keep your skin moisturised. The benefits of moisturising your skin are endless. What can look like a small step or quite insignificant (explained later in the blog) for many can do wonders for our skin. Why do we need to moisturise our skin? Moisturisers worksContinue reading “Skincare Basics – Part 2: Moisturisers”

Skincare Basics – Part 1: Cleansers

Let’s get down to the basics of skincare. In a previous blog, I mentioned that if you regularly cleanse and moisture your face then you already have a skincare routine (not to forget sunscreen during the day). Then you can add in an exfoliator to your routine and after that, a serum to target specificContinue reading “Skincare Basics – Part 1: Cleansers”

5 art block remedies that actually work

Hello after a long long time! A couple of weeks back, I made a post where I shared a list of art prompts that I created which can help us to get through the difficult times of artblock and no inspiration and you’d find thousands of other such prompts over the internet and it canContinue reading “5 art block remedies that actually work”

A little Self-Care Sunday

There are times when I would go feeling nothing for a long stretch of days and would act like I don’t exist and I felt it coming back again. During these times when I can’t access my own feelings, I see two options – either wait for the nothingness to pass or just do somethingContinue reading “A little Self-Care Sunday”

10 art prompts to aid your creativity

Everybody needs a little help every now and then. As for me, it’s more than a little when it comes to getting the creative juices flowing because a blank page equals to endless possibilities and that’s enough to make me anxious resulting in a blank mind. Not even exaggerating, true story, trust me! I knowContinue reading “10 art prompts to aid your creativity”

Should you moisturize on damp skin?

The answer is yes, you can, but should you? That depends on what you prefer on your skin. Applying not only moisturizer but most of your skincare on damp skin can give better results. Very simply put (apologies to any professional), it can help the products penetrate easier and seep deeper into the skin. MoisturisingContinue reading “Should you moisturize on damp skin?”

Vintage Winsor & Newton series 33 watercolour brushes

Winsor & Newton, without a doubt, ranks as one of the best when it comes to paint brush brands and overall art stationary and the quality offered by them justifies it. Winsor and Newton’s sable watercolor brushes are described as professional watercolor brushes that has been created by experts working together with professional artists onContinue reading “Vintage Winsor & Newton series 33 watercolour brushes”